my name is veijo impola

first. yes my name is veijo impola but i would want to know more aboute this, and why you contacted me and not my other living relatives
i get mails aboute supposed winnings every day from different parts of world
still no money but it i a matter of a god laugh,
then i get buissness proposals abote to be in a inharritage of money from different parts of the world, i realy dont understand where people get my mailadress if it is not a question of the fact that i am developing logical truth aboute the suffery in this world, and proofing it to be spiritual development in abseens of  knowledge in human councessness, this is prooft by me allready that sinn /evil is cemical emotional reaktions and its origin is a developed unbalance in he fysical emotional system becose of wrongfull and false godly truth and false godly manipulation of the fysical body of cemistry and sensees, where our toools for understandning and experiense this world is in use to lower forms of entitys energys, what it has for origin is not understood but it is not human origin or human like, the experiense is a manifactured developed emotional hallucination thats developed in our own brains and our emotions and sensses ´manipulated,
this is the fact of all spiritual belife, every thing thats a spiritual experiense or what the modern world refer to as psykosis,
where miljons of humans arround the world is in psycik hospitals and in psycik care whit false diagnosis of psycik illness, this illness can not be prooft, our societys has becose of fears and need to control,developed a sickness name,lie aboute it, becose then this people can be bye the systems of our societys dominated to eat cemicals to controll it to be in lobotomik situation where the klient patient is incarsorated and neutralised, this kills over five to ten thosand innocent every year, woman childs man, and its becose of experiensed manipulated reality in same maner as a spiritual experiense but the emotional  experiense of this is a atck on lower emotional feelings of suffery, fears fobies paranoja angsiety and so on
in all human spiritual contact this thing they refer to as paranormal is in fact a rape of human sensees from inside, a rape of human emotions from inside as our brains,'
this has developed all spiritual experiense and when we study it it shows that averything human has experiensed as good as godly as a spiritual encounter is a manipulation of cemical body of emotions to manipulate the good belife, there fore it is a manipulation. i have prooft it to be the same and that its teachings and its manipulation of humans societys bye time in teachings of fears and hate and the fact of its teaching in rols behaviors nonacceptans against differensees in belifs differenses in thinking differensees in actions differensse in strukture of humans free will, it has teacht us fears and hate towards it, i have prooft rasism antisemitism homofobie, and every kind of judgemental toughts is developed from this fact of false godly teachings towards humans and its socitys,
the fact of teachings of right and wrong is the fact of nondevelopment in human emotional life sins five thousand years, the fact of the spiritual teachings and its deelopment of our cemical emotional negative body of thougts and emotions is the fact of a negative emotional strukture of development that is not abel to be stoppt before councessness aboute is,
the manifaktured false true toughts of right and wrong is the nondevelopment of understanding, humans true way of understanding its sorround and it selfs has becose of false teachings from spiritual hallucinative nature,

our true development of understanding is a blind understanding to day whit emotions of inharitage from our ansasters as fysical inharretated cemical balances in the fysical body of ansatser from thousnads of years ago until to day, this cemistry is fear and hate as inharetated cemical emotional balances, in this emotions unbalance our societys are developing hugh problems in domination in powerdevelopments in chriminal elemenst of our societys becose of the unbalance of childhood fears, and the uncouncess self defense system of the individual fysical beeing is becose of fears developing strong identitys like chrminals, this is not a councess choise this is the fact of a uncouncess development of seld defense,

i am proofing the the fact of the dvelopment of illness and our addiktions of growing worry, every addiktion is a development from the fysical body of emotions as a selfdefense, becose of he lack of our own dvelopment of nonsuffery, our fyscal inteeligent systems of organism has started to give us a substitute way to
feel less suffery, this is trhe he development of our systems of cemical rewards in our brains, this is the fact of all our addiktions, our addiktions is the same answer to everyone,
and whit this knowledge its the same healingprocess towars them all,

when human is recreating its original body of emotions and whit logical toughts developing from the negative emotions and toughts this is enough to stopp not only our addiktions our illnesses and the development of sicknesses is a fact of all the negative cemistry.

so therefore i can not be sure this is not something from the experiensed fact of hallucination in my life, i am in controll of the most part of my body of emotions and are fighting against this experiensed paranormal that is not paranormal, it is logicly understod how it creates it selfs, i am in a struggel for over ten years in my body of emotions,

i have prooft the religions of jews christians and muslims as only hallucinative experienses as our former polyteistic religions, the spirit of god was worshipped bye the people of the tribes of ugarites, the ugarites was also the kanaanite people, they worshipped the same godly hallucinative image long before the jews, and long before adam and eve,
the fact of the holy spirit that is god for jews muslims and christians was in fact the ugaritik peoples godly contact to, the developer of godly hallucinations in the polyteistic era of belife was in fact the holy spirut that bye the ugaritik writings of religius origin and caracter that has been a arceologik discovery says that this people that falsly was claimed evil bye the holy spirit in fact was a beliver of the holy spirit,

the struktures of teachings and learnings of this early polyteistic religions is the same as our old testement teachings of hate and fear, the kanaanite people was innocent, the world of belivers refer to baal as the old worlds satanik image, but then they dont know that this satanik image was worshipped in the ugaritic traditions of belife as the son of their creator god, the same as the jews image of god the same as the chiristians image of god the same as the muslims image of god, all of this images this experiensees of paranormal gods godesses and for five thousand years now the image of angels and demons god and devil in thre different religions, i have logicly prooft the experiensees of the thre different writings ´whit the old testemnet as the same, to be the favt of unknowledge the fact of suffery in its true inpact in human tought and emotion,

the sinn the human evil as this false angelik images teach is the fact of the unballance in the emotional cemical life, its our selfdefense systems of the brain becose of the lack of our own emotional status, our own lost identitys, our developed lost of inocense our lost of our true nature, whit the fact of addiktions in every part of the fact of sinn evil and i have prooft some more

if you can understand and think this is of an great importans please send it further to all your contacts and make them know this to,
there is non development whit out a councessness if the thought is in a negative spiral so is the emotion to, therefor we are in suffery

i write on windows live spaces expressen blogg and katapult skrivarforum, i write becose of own spiritual experiense of evil, a rape of my life as a superior beeing from god,. human is a true shild to god not a servant to spiritual false god

the spirititual false god are creating it self true our cemical body of sensees
developed a false god god image to create he suffery. everything we belive in is not as it seems it is nor god as we experiense it, it plays god becose its weaker and the only way to create suffery for a higher form is then to recreate it self as god, then our intuitive evolution development is in a manipulation is in a false development, the cultures of religions is our blindness, we can only se it as god and dont understand the writings when we belive, to expose this knowledge i have done it logicly and never seen anything as true before i logicly have test it as true, whit logic toughts the truth is developing from the false image of god,

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